What is the true power of your life? The Power of getting started

What is your TRUE Power?

Every one of us has some sort of power within us. The power I am talking about here is not the superstitious Power but the natural Power, i.e., your success. I have been thinking about this recently, and I thought I could share it with you.

What is your real power as an individual human being?

Is it money?

Is it connections?

Is it knowledge?

Is it wisdom?

Or is it intelligence?

All the above are potential energies which a lot of people have them.

Not everyone has a lot, but everyone has something.

You, with your life experience, will have some money saved up, some knowledge and experience gained through the years and some intelligence.

But what's the most powerful thing about this all?

None of the above is the most powerful thing. The above-stated powers are of no use unless we put them into use.

What is the true power of your life? The Power of getting started

The Power of getting started

We learn many new things every coming day. But, have you ever thought about what is most important of all?

The power of getting started is the most important thing that a person should learn and implement in his life.

Yes, the power of getting started, i.e., taking the initiative to do what we want instead of just dreaming about it, is the most powerful thing that can change your whole life and make it meaningful.

Many people are more skilled than us. They might have better resources than us, but they are all useless if the person is unable to make proper use of the same.

The only thing that differentiates successful people from others is the power to start. Successful people keep starting something new. They go from zero to one and then increase it gradually.

Like it is not possible to start a car directly at gear no five, you won't achieve success without a proper start. Your activities should be planned from the first level. You must take your life like that of driving a car.

Successful people don't keep thinking or planning for a long time; they just start and improve themselves in the process.

There is always a resistance inside us that ever stops us from starting something new.

What might be that resistance?

That'sThat's the laziness inside us. We procrastinate things and keeping telling lies to ourselves and don't get started.

Perfect is the enemy of good. We often look for an ideal result and oppose ourselves from starting merely because we only want typical results.

We keep telling ourselves that, if I do it, I will do it correctly and never get started.

There is something called the law of diminishing intent.

If you got an idea or an inspiration to start something, your enthusiasm for it would be 10/10 when the idea came to you.

Within a few hours, it will become like 9/10.

By the end of the day, it will become 8/10.

After one week, your enthusiasm for that idea would be like 2/10.

Then by that time, you would have sold yourself that it is not a great idea after all.

What are you doing?

You are building a graveyard of dead ideas within yourself.

Ideas could have changed the world, but never saw the light of the day.

Successful people have learned one thing from their life experience, i.e., to get started as soon as possible without further delay.

Did you get an idea?

If yes, then get started with it as soon as possible. Don'tDon't resist yourself from achieving what you want.

Getting started is the power in you that can make a change in this world.

People become successful in life because they can defeat a lot of people in their life. They overcome the "No Sayers,"; "their competitors,"; and their "laziness." They can do so only because they get started and make the best use of the power they have.

The power of getting started can crush external negativity like bugs under their feet because they fight the biggest monster of their life, i.e., themselves and their wants.

Some projects and missions of your life seem to be so harsh and complicated, but once you get started, no force can stop you from completing the task. But you need to apply this in your real life and get started without thinking of the result.

The best way is to get started immediately is to uphold your commitments to yourself, because whenever you get an idea to do something great, you would be committing yourself that you would be achieving the desired result by doing something.

And when you are doing nothing even after having the idea, you are breaking the commitment and also making yourself inferior in-front of yourself.

As mentioned earlier, the biggest monster you are fighting you. And if you are judge inferior in the same case, you would have half the battle lost.

How many commitments and resolutions have you made till then?

How many of them, you had control over and had upheld yourself?

It is straightforward to make new year resolutions and make commitments to yourself, but it is tough to keep that up.

This won't be possible unless you start working towards your resolutions or commitments. It is tough to keep these commitments up, but not impossible.

The power of getting started makes everything very easy and healthy, which would seem very light and joyous.

Successful people feel great all the time because they plan something, and then they do it.

Just do it.

If you do something, it will have some results. It doesn't matter whether the result is good or perfect; small or big, they all are the reward for your struggle, which was only possible you started.

You distinguished yourself from the other persons who have a variety of powers in them but don't have the most crucial power that shapes the future of a person, i.e., the power of getting started.

Final Words – The Power in You (Getting Started)

I hope that now you can identify the best power a person can have. The power of getting started leaves other powers like money, knowledge, intelligence, wisdom, investments, etc. behind. You would be able to gain these powers only if you have the power to get started.

So, what are you waiting for? Decide your goal and get started.

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