Ways to combat negativity – Be a Positive & challenging Person

Ways to combat negativity – Be a Positive & challenging Person

Negativity is the biggest cause of stress in life. It may be because of stress, one begins to have negativity. If a person accepts the events of life with positiveness then he can lead a happy life. And this negativity can be defeated naturally with positive thinking and behavior. There are various ways to be positive and I have listed the best out of them here in this post.

According to Forrest Hong, a psychologist and social worker Ph.D. at LCSW in Los Angeles, "often negative thinking becomes habituated as a safety mechanism to rationalize feelings of depression,". But after a while, this negative behavior seems to be an easy technique for coping with the symptoms of depression.

Ways to combat negativity – Be a Positive & challenging Person

Ways to Combat Negativity – How to remove negativity

  • Learn to control your mind - Be a master of your mind

Exercise your mind to handle negative thinking which are the stress symptoms are are very dangerous to your health. Always keep in mind that it is generally not healthy to remove the negative thoughts completely.

But whatever you do try to have a logical assessment of that so that you can prove that as valuable are worthful for others. Write down the things if needed. Then step back and accept it. By doing so, your negative thoughts will become positive. But your thinking may not make a difference overnight. This requires practice and professionalism along with hard work and learning.

  • Get cognitive therapy - Allow no Depression

According to a study published in the journal American Family Physician, it was proved that cognitive therapy is an effective treatment for depression.

Combining cognitive therapy with an anti-depressant can effectively managing severe or chronic depression would help you to be relaxed and stress-free. Your mental health is your soul mate, which creates a lot of impact on you might be positive or negative. For mental health care, you should think about counseling or cognitive therapy in the same way you think about a personal trainer for physical fitness.

Cognitive Therapy helps you to understand your state of mind and react to the situations appropriately. There are situations in life where you need to stress your mind to make a decision. Hence, cognitive thinking benefits you to a great extent in such situations.

  • Write negative thoughts - Be Optimistic

According to a survey it has been proven that, written things are tend to be followed and implemented better.

Negative thoughts are very disturbing and alarming creating chaos and confusion in our work. Try to write negative thoughts on a piece of paper or so. Writing down your daily activities and feelings helps you introspect and analyze.

Keep a journal or diary in which you write daily about what you feel about life, what circumstances create negative thoughts in you - and what ways you are thinking about changing those circumstances. Writing helps you remember the negative thoughts you have and to curb them.

  • Try to be stress-free - Be Relaxed and Calm

Try to keep yourself stress-free for a few minutes every day. Practise meditation, yoga, and deep breathing. These are the things that have a control over your mind and brain. Spending 20-30 minutes daily on these stress-relieving things would help you to be relaxed and tension free.

Dr. Hong recommends doing Tai Chi, which is a very good fitness option. And also said that simple activities such as walking boost your mood and remove negative thoughts. Go for a regular walk in the fresh and green areas and refresh your minds.

  • Focus on physical fitness - Physically and Mentally Strong

According to Hong, many people with stress also affects their physical fitness. Your Physical fitness benefits greatly to your life to adopt a better lifestyle. Lack of exercise, wrong eating and excessive consumption of drugs or alcohol brings negative feelings in you.

Alternately, consuming proper diet, with regular exercise helps you to maintain a good physical fitness along with the mental fitness and combat the negativity in you.

Ways to Combat Negativity

You can also follow various other techniques, but these the top things that you should follow by in order to be positive and relaxed. Negativity creates dilemmas and utter confusion at home or any other place. Hence combat your negativity and be a positive person.

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