The Three Pillars to build a Successful Career and Life

The Three Pillars to build a Successful Career and Life

Successful career is what everybody wants to have. What are the top three things that contribute to your career success? After analyzing the successful career of many successful persons, I have thought of the three pillars of a Successful Career and Life that contribute greatly to a successful career.

The three of the most significant things in life are Learning, Reflection and Execution.

Mantras for a Successful Career

  • 1. Learning
It may look clear however constant long-lasting learning is very significant for a successful career. Most of us stop learning after graduating from colleges or after completing our studies. We stop reading books after we are done with our college degree. We live in an era full of competition and everything is changing very fast. Hence, it becomes very important for us to acquire a lot of knowledge and keep learning continuously.

The Three Pillars to build a Successful Career and Life

The system nowadays becomes outdated very soon, and in order to sustain in the competitive world, it becomes very important to keep learning new things. Learning new things continuously would help us to adapt to any changes in the surrounding.

I am not saying that you need to only read your books to learn. There are several other methods and ways to learn like listening to audiobooks, watching online courses, learning from mentors, reading blog posts, practical implementations.

It completely depends on you how you want to learn and acquire knowledge. It differs from people to people on the ways of learning some prefer video learning, while others prefer audiobooks. Some might wish to learn via classroom teaching while the other might want to learn via online courses.

Learning and gaining new knowledge not helps you to be competitive but also puts you in a fresh and calm state of mind. Learning new things makes you positive and when you are in the positive state of mind you are capable of changing and creating the reality as you’ve wished for.

It is not possible to create reality when you are sad or depressed. Having a positive emotional mindset helps you to achieve the things you want and face every challenge that comes your way. It makes your state of mind and body strong and healthy.

Learn new things every day. Never stop yourself from learning new things.

At the end of the day always question yourself, “What have I learned today?”

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  • 2. Reflection
Learning new things resemble getting new bits of a riddle. At the point when you learn new things you can't take the learning and apply it to your life legitimately in light of the fact that your circumstance, assets, experience, and objectives are unique in relation to the source you are gaining from.

The Three Pillars to build a Successful Career and Life

Practically all types of learning are only pointers towards the correct way than being turn-by-turn route of what you have to do. A few people simply continue learning new things constantly and they don't reflect their learning in the fields that demand your learning.

Reflecting the things you have learned and the thoughts from your past learning experiences or the practical experiences are very much important to make use of the new things that you’ve learned. Learning is incomplete unless it is put to practical implication. Learning without reflection or implication is like you have found out the answer to the riddle but are unable to answer them. You won’t be able to identify the hidden motto behind the riddle unless you know how to answer it. Similar is the case in that of your learning and it’s reflection.

Imagine that you have ordered Pizza and you are giving the directions to the delivery boy. If you do not have GPS and are trying to find your home, he won’t be questioning you in a single call itself. He would rather prefer to ask you once and reach a certain point and then ask for the route again. This would help him to reach your destination without much hustle.

This was possible only because the delivery boy had experience in delivering pizza and he reflected that analyzing the route for delivering the product.

On the off chance that you continue learning without giving time for reflection, you will end up getting over-burden with additional information. Learning would start getting boring once you stop reflecting your learning to actions. You would enjoy learning new things if you are implementing and reflecting on the learning that you’ve acquired. Learning with no reflection on it is considered of no use. As more and more information would lead you to a situation of utter confusion.

You would also be motivated and inspired by reflecting on the learning. Learning through books and learning through experience helps you to gain inspiration in carrying out any particular sort of task.

There a lot of things you can consider to reflect on things. One of the best methods is meditation. Meditation helps you to control your subconscious mind and help you think positively. Many people find meditation as difficult because they are not habituated with that and they do not carry out meditation regularly.

Do the things that can keep you calm and can help you stay in the present moment. Spend 20-30 minutes daily in meditation and you would notice the change when you would start reflecting the learning easily.

Playing, Gardening, Spending time with family, Cooking, Playing with pets, Cycling, etc. are the things that would help you to be in the free flow of mind.  Free Flow of mind is a state where you are lost completely in  a particular task and suddenly you realized that a lot of time has passed.

  • 3. Execution
You would have a lot of new things and have also reflected the learning in you. Now, what to do with these learning and reflection?

The final thing now left for you is to execute the reflection created by you from your learning. The learning and reflection are of no use unless you realize and execute your learning into action. Execution is considered as the third pillar of success.

The Three Pillars to build a Successful Career and Life

On the same plane, when you learn a lot of new things and also reflect it but you don’t put into action or have not executed it the value of your learning and the impact your learning could have would start diminishing over time.

For an instance, let us consider a woodcutter who is cutting a tree. If he is spending all of his time cutting the tree then his axe would become blunt and then he would require more of his energy. The woodcutter then would start hitting the tree with more of his energy which would negatively impact his capability.

But, if the same woodcutter takes some time out of it and sharpens his axe then he could be more efficient and effective in cutting the tree successfully. He would need less time and energy in cutting wood. However, if the woodcutter spends an ample amount of time in sharpening the axe he would be left with no time for cutting the wood.
What learning to take from this?

You need to manage your time and effort for all these three activities i.e. Learning, Reflection, and Execution. You need you to give 30% of your time and effort to Learning, another 30% to Reflection and the remaining 40% to execution. All the activities are important and you have to balance them as per your own convenience.

Assuming that you have a 10 hours workday on an average apart from life and chores, you must allocate 3 hours to learning, another 3 hours to reflecting and the remaining 4 hours for execution and working. This is the routine that I follow and it has helped me to a great extent. Four hours of work seems to be a very a small amount of work, but if it is done with focus and by executing the learning and reflection you can get the work for the entire day done in those 4 hours.

4 hours of the workday is realistic and also possible, while 4 hours of the workweek doesn’t seem to be practical. We spend most of our time in distraction, but if we spend those 4 hours with a focus for particular tasks utilizing the channelizing the energies in the right direction we have the work done for the entire day in those 4 hours.

The people working in the corporate fields work 9-10 hours a day which comes to be 60 hours approximately a week, not considering the off day. They work for decades and weeks and have the same level of output going. They are unable to enjoy their life as inflation in the cost of living. They also don’t have the option of either quitting the job or starting a new venture because everything would collapse.

Instead of spending 9 hours a day working, spend 4 hours a day working but after spending the remaining hours in learning and reflecting as this would help you greatly to drive positive and better results. Learn the formula of Learning, Reflection and Execution.

A number of people keep working without sharpening their axe. This would lead them to be fired from the company as the changing world demands new skills and talents with proper execution to it. A good learner who is not able to execute or reflect what he has learned is considered of no value in this competitive world.

Last Words on Learning, Reflection, and Execution

The formula of Learn, Reflect and Execute i.e. 30% - 30% - 40 % (30/30/40) is the formula that would help you to build an exceptional and extraordinary career. Learn, Reflect, Execute and then Repeat. Make this a habit for yourself, else it would be very difficult for you to run with the time in the changing and demanding environment.

Learning new things, reflecting the learning and executing them to actions would give you compounded results. This process would help us to improve every day. If generate a habit for these things we can be more than 30 times better than what we are in the coming year.

I trust this article gave you the knowledge for how you can plan your life for professional achievement in the long run.

What are your thoughts about your life, comment below.

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