Success Story of Bill Gates - Bill Gates became a Billionaire

Success Story of Bill Gates – How did Bill Gates became a Billionaire

In this article, we would be reading about the success story of Bill Gates, the world’s largest billionaire. It would be a motivating story to read and we can follow his rules of life to be successful.

What is the thing Which makes people successful life?

It is their thinking and imagination that makes them unique from the rest of the people which helps them to be successful. The person who thinks different is made to be successful. One thing and successful people never forget what they were and from which level they have achieved this point of success. One such personality is Bill Gates who has become successful in his life because of his innovative and creative ideas. The Success Story of the Billionaire Bill Gates is very interesting, the process between a normal person to a billionaire is worth reading.

Success Story of Bill Gates - Bill Gates became a Billionaire

Bill Gates has got to the list of the world’s richest man a number of times, but he is such a kind-hearted person who is never proud of his wealth.

The greatness of Bill Gates can be understood with the help of the story that I would be citing below.

The Billionaire Bill Gates’ Dinner in a Hotel – Bill Gates Success

Once Bill Gates went to have dinner in a hotel. After completing his dinner, he called the waiter for the bill. The waiter came with the bill and Billionaire Bill Gates made his payment. Along with his bill, he also gave a tip of $ 10 to the waiter as he liked the service of the Hotel.

When Bill Gates was finally moving out of the hotel, to go back to his place, the waiter was staring at him. Billionaire Bill Gates found this thing very strange. He called the waiter and asked him why was he staring at him(Bill Gates). The waiter replied that a few days ago your daughter came to have dinner at our hotel, and she gave me $100 as a tip. But, you being the richest man in this world gave only $10. I found that very strange, so I was thinking about why was it so.

Bill Gates started laughing at the waiter and he said to the waiter - she is the daughter of the richest person in this world and I am the son of a poor person.

I always remember my past and my parents because the past was my guide, which I can never forget. And my parents very my motivation, so I love to live life like that of a poor person’s son and not a billionaire.

What moral lesson did you learn from this small story or instance from Bill Gates’ successful Life?

This story wants to make you learn that, no matter how successful you become, you must never forget the past and the people who supported you in the toughest part of your life.

This is the thinking that successful people always keep and touch the heights of success.

What have you though now? I leave all on you. If you want to be successful, then you must follow what is best for you and also never forget the efforts made by your supporters during your struggle.

We should know more and more about the lives of people like Bill Gates. We get to learn a lot from the lives of such people.

Billionaire Bill Gates’ Road to Success

Bill Gates’ Success Story - Biography of Billionaire Bill Gates

Bill Gates was born on 28 October 1955 in Seattle, Washington. He developed an interest in Computer Programming at the age of 13. He started making new business plans and aggressive business strategies through technology. Bill Gates and his partner Paul Allen together started the world's largest software business - "Microsoft". He is one of the richest people in the world today due to the growing Microsoft Business. In February 2014, Bill Gates announced that he was stepping down from the position of Chairman of Microsoft.

Bill Gates’ Successful Life - Bill Gates’ childhood

Born into an ordinary family, Bill Gates had two sisters, Kristina and Libby. His father William Henry Gates was a law student when he first met his future wife, Mary Maxwell. She was a good athlete while studying at the University of Washington. Bill Gates’ mother guided the students in the same University in which she had studied. When he used to play gymnast with his family during the summer holidays, Bill Gates anticipated the struggle and competition going on in the world.

Bill Gates had a very close relationship with his mother; Mary, who used to teach children, spent all her time in making the children's carer successful, encouraging social differences and removing charity. She used to take Bill with her many times in her social service work at different schools and institutions.

Bill Gates had a different appetite to study since childhood. He used to read Encyclopedia along with his school's reference books till Ghetto. Even during school time, he was very good at reading, but soon he was bored of it many times. At the age of 11–12, Bill's family members used to worry that Bill should not read alone. For this reason, his parents had a strong belief that Bill should be given public education. When he was 13 years old, his family got him admitted to Seattle Lakeside School, an elementary school. He was good in almost all subjects, but his ability to understand mathematics and science was very good. Along with this he also used to participate in plays in school.

The Journey of Bill Gates to be a Billionaire

A Seattle Computer Company at Lakeside School gave students computers to learn and students used to go to that company to learn computers in their free time. Soon Bill's interest in computers started increasing and he started spending more and more time on how computers work. He then created a "Tic-Tac-Tow" program in a Basic Computer language so that the computer running could play against the computer.

Bill met Paul Allen at Seattle Computer The company, who was two years senior (elder) to him. Both of them became good friends due to their computer's shared beliefs and thoughts, while in other things their views were not mixed at all. Paul Allen was very shy and calm. While Bill was completely different in his nature. Both spent most of their time in programming.

Irregularly, there used to be a debate between who is right and who is capable of running the Computer Lab of their school. And on the other hand, Gates and Allen had the facility of computers available in their school. The company stopped, providing them the computers to learn because both of them spent all of their time in the lab learning computers. The computers of the company were infected as both of them had worked on it in various ways. After this ban, both of them were again allowed to come to the lab on the condition that they would remove ERROR from PROGRAM. At the same time, Gates created another software program which was used in the school's Time Schedule.

In 1970, at the age of 15, he moved towards Bill Business with his best friend Paul Allen. He created a "Traf-O-Data" program that monitored Seattle City's traffic pattern and tried to improve it. And he got $ 20,000 for this effort, which was his first earning.

Gates and Allen wanted to open a company themselves, but Bill Gates’ parents wanted him to complete his school and college studies and become a lawyer first. Bill Gates showed his intelligence by scoring 1590 out of 1600 in the 1973 SAT Exam (Intellectual Achievement) at Lakeside School.

Success Story of Bill Gates – Bill Gates’ launched Career

Gates' parents got Bill's admission at Harvard University thinking he would make his career in Law, but looking at his childhood days, he seemed to spend most of his time in a computer lab instead of a class because he was interested in that only and wanted to make Career in that.

He also manages to spend some of his time in studies and manages to pass the examination with good marks.
Bill's contact with Paul Allen was largely absent because Paul went to another Washington State University to study. From where he left college after two years and shifted to Paul Allen, Boston, where he started working in a company called Honeywell.

In the summer of 1974, Bill also joined the Honeywell Company with Allen. During this time Allen also showed Gates a part of a very famous Electronic Magazine, based on an article from the Altair 8800 Mini Computer KIT.

Both were happy about the possibility that if it became a computer, then everyone in the world would be able to use it easily and make their work easier. Then a small company created Altair, which is also in New Mexico, also known as MITS.

Gates and Allen contacted a company and announced that they were working on a program of Basic Software, which would run Altair Computer. But in reality, they did not have any Altair on which they could run the code. But they wanted to know whether the MITS Company was interested in making such software.

MITS and its President ED-Robert asked the two to showcase the codes they had made. Gates and Allen requested the President of MITS to let them go to Harvard Lab to write software programs for two months. Allen then went on to test the software in MITS at ALBUQUERQUE. The software, which did not have Use in any ALTAIR Computer till that time because it was not in such a condition to function properly.

MITS Company hired Allen to work at the Company. Bill also left Harvard University to work with him, which added to the distraction of his parents. In 1975, Gates and Allen opened a company of Micro-Software in the partnership that would create Micro Computers and Software.

In February 1976, Bill wrote a letter to those interested in computers, saying that "using software without buying it would mean stopping a new software before it is made". Not only this, the courage of developers would be broken even when some people make Pirated Software (Copy of Real Software). Then the developers think that we have wasted our important time due to no reason and made people quality software.

Bill's letter had no effect on the people, yet Bill had full faith in this fact. They were accused unfairly that their methods of running the business was wrong for which Bill Gates defended himself from this blame by making his weakness the Greatest Strength.

Bill had a very fierce relationship with the President of the MITS, and at times he had a quarrel due to such a relationship. Along with this, there was often a conflict between Bill and Robert about the way of running software development and business. And Robert saw Bill as impaired and obnoxious.

In 1977, President Robert of MITS Company sold his company to another computer company. And he returned to Georgia to take admission in Medical College and later became a doctor in that province. After Robert moved to Georgia, Bill and Allen sued the new owner of MITS to obtain the rights to the software created for Altair.

Evolution of Billionaire Bill Gates and his Success to be a Billionaire

Bill Gates and Allen programmed software "Microsoft" designed software for all computer companies in different ways. In late 1978, Bill shifted his company's business to Bellevue, Washington, east of Seattle. Bill was delighted to be in the northwest of his native land, Pacific. The 25 young Employees of the company were entrusted with the responsibility of how to grow this company and develop products along with it, how to further their business and how to market their software.

He earned a gross profit of $ 2.5 MILLION at just 23 years of age due to the efficiency of the Employees and the direction given by the Gates to the Employees.

The Rise of Microsoft – The evolution of Bill Gates’ Success

Bill's sharpness was not only in making software. Along with that, he had the responsibility of moving the company forward. Both of them, Allen and Bill also did what they said. In the company, they used to check the code created by the employers themselves and read the error themselves and also helped them remove the error themselves.

Due to Bill's hard work and dedication, the company's growth was increasing day by day like a company making hardware like Apple, Intel and IBM. Bill would constantly take feedback from people about the application made by Microsoft and change the apps according to the needs of the people. And his mother used to go with him many times in this work. His mother Mary was one of the most respected individuals and had a very good relationship with his IBM Board Members. Bill was able to meet the CEO of IBM due to Mary.

In November 1980, IBM wanted a software that could run its personal computer and proposed to Microsoft to make this software. During his first meeting with the CEO of IBM, someone recognized Bill as an office worker and asked him to serve coffee to everyone, at that time Bill looked very young and soon IBM became Impressed with his efforts.

Bill  Gates convinced them to make software, with the condition that they would fulfil all the requirements related to their software. But the problem was that Microsoft Company could not create Basic Operating System for IBM which could run IBM's new Computer, but this was no end.

Bill bought an operating system that was built in a way that worked parallel to IBM's Personal Computer. He asked the developers of that operating system to name the full license, Microsoft but did not inform IBM anything about the IBM deal. The company later sued Microsoft for hiding important information (IBM's Deal) from them.

Bill dismissed the case by paying the penalty amount, proving himself as innocent and that he has done nothing.

Bill purchased IBM PC to run such compatible software and sold the software to IBM for $ 50,000, which was its original price.

IBM also wanted the Source Code of the Operating System from Bill that could reach them to run their Operating System.

But Bill refuses them, saying that IBM should pay the fees of the software they are legally copied with the computer they are selling.

Bill Gates became Successful - Billionaire Bill Gates’ hard work paid off

After all the hard work and struggle was done, Bill got the license of that software and that operating system named as MS-DOS.

Microsoft also created another software called Softcard which also worked with Microsoft's Basic in Apple 2 Machine.

Growth of Bill Gates’ developed Microsoft

Between 1978-1981, Microsoft's growth was a bang and their staff increased from 25 to 128. His Profit also increased from $ 4 Million to $ 16 Million. In mid-1981, Gates became Chair Man along with Microsoft's President and Allen became Executive Vice President.

By 1998, Microsoft's business had spread worldwide, with their offices also opened in Great Britain and Japan, with 30% of the world's computers running on their own software. But in 1983, Paul Allen, one of MICROSOFT and his foundation, came to know that Paul Allen had suffered from a disease called Hodgkin’s. His disease was cured after undergoing a specific treatment, but he could no further continue with the company because of his ill health.

There was rumor everywhere that Allen left the Microsoft company because Bill Gates pushed him out, but this was not the case.

Microsoft System The Invention of Microsoft – The system that made Bill Gates Successful

Although Apple was in competition with Microsoft, in 1981, Apple invited Microsoft to help with the software development of their Macintosh Computer. Some developers were involved in both Microsoft Development and Microsoft Application being made for Macintosh.

Microsoft invented windows with the help of the latest ideas and technologies. The window was a system that ran through the mouse which showed the text and image on the screen on the base of Graphics.

The window was completely different from MS-DOS where all text in MS-DOS was displayed as code on the screen and while printing it was not known which document to print. To overcome this problem, Microsoft created a window that used to show the user as Document Graphics, which made it easy to use. For this reason, many people bought this window. 

Bill said in an advertising campaign that Microsoft is creating an operating system that will make users' work easier by showing the image as Graphics. And its name will be Windows. And it will run on PC Software based on MS-DOS System. And two years after this announcement, windows launched. In 1987, each share of micro-soft was valued at $ 90.75, when Bill reached near being the richest, and in 1999, when the stock price was high, Bill became the richest person in the world with $ 101 billion.

Bill's Philanthropic Efforts –Bill Gates’ Success was not easy

Bill received the award from several universities spread across the world. In February 2014, Bill announced his departure from the position of chairman and a new position of technology advisor and Bill in 2014 gave 46-year-old Satya nadella from India as the Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft.

In 2006 BILL had announced to spend all of its time in FOUNDATION, except for the entire work time of Microsoft, so that he can spend more time with FOUNDATION.

The last day for Billionaire Bill Gates at MICROSOFT COMPANY was 27th, JUNE 2008.

All in all, he has got this award in his life that today he is the world's most successful and wealthy BUSINESSMAN. And the example of his ability has appeared in the history of the world. Apart from being a good BUSINESSMAN, he has been awarded many awards due to his human loving nature and for donating countless wealth.

This concludes the success story of Bill Gates. Reading the biography of Bill Gates we can have an idea that is not very easy to be successful. It took a long time for Bill Gates to be successful. His confidence, motivation and never-ending determination to achieve his task helped him to be Successful.

There is a lot of learning we could take from the Success Story of Bill Gates and we can follow him, how he was determined to his goal and be successful in life.

I hope that this Success Story of Bill Gates inspired you to be motivated.

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