How To Stop Thinking And Start Doing (Be an Action Taker)

How To Stop Thinking And Start Doing (Be an Action Taker)

There are many ways to be inspired and get motivated but the major problem is that we hardly find the best way that actually suits us. For instance, you might feel that reading book would help you, but deep inside, you might be feeling that listening song would you get motivated. Listening song helps you to get motivated and to stop about the bad things that might worsen your mood.

How To Stop Thinking And Start Doing (Be an Action Taker)

There are several goals that have to be achieved on a daily basis in our life. It is very important for us to achieve these goals to start working for something great in the future. Every achievement counts, as they help us tomorrow to be motivated and achieve success. It is completely upon us to stop thinking and to start doing.

 We have to remember some important things to ensure that the most precious time of our life does not get wasted. Here are the 7 best tips on how to stop thinking and start doing.

7 Best Tips on How to Stop Thinking and Start Doing

  • Start Thinking Out of the Box - Stop Thinking Within Limits
The secret to motivation is that you start thinking out of the box. The only thing that would help you to be unique and better than others is to stop thinking within the limits. Thinking out of the box helps you to put your six senses to work to get the best result. It would help your mind to work in an appropriate and good direction so that you can understand how to start doing something productive than simply thinking and wasting your valuable time.

It may be difficult in the beginning for you to stop thinking and start doing, but once you start doing that and you set your mind appropriately, you would be on the right track soon. Never limit yourself or restrict yourself from thinking out of the box. This would help you exercise your mind to generate creative ideas.
  • Learn new things and put them into Action
Is it right to do something without thinking? No, it is possible to do anything without thinking and learning. Learning is an ongoing process and it can help you to perform the right tasks effectively. Learning without making it to proper use is useless. Learning helps you to know what tasks you should perform today and how to complete the tasks effectively.

Action speaks louder, the things that you do practically has a better impact on you rather than just the knowledge that you’ve acquired. Learning makes it easier for you to focus on the right things and stop thinking about meaningless things. Learn from your elders, teachers and even your juniors. Learning should never stop. The things learned should be out into the right action without which learning becomes meaningless.
  • Learning is not a Practise, But Practise is Learning
Most of the time, we are lost in something that we forget to do any other things. How to overcome this type of situation and stop thinking about it? The best and effective way is to practice on a daily basis. Practise makes a man perfect.  Practise is learning new things regularly, but learning does not necessarily practice. The more you practice doing something, the more you learn.

Are you still confused?

Learning is the process of direct knowledge where you gain and knowledge, it cannot be treated as a practice while Practise, on the other hand, teaches you the aspects of the things you are doing. The more you practice to do a particular task the more you learn and become better. The point is simply that you just need to stop thinking and start doing as the practice is what you do in reality and learning is acquiring knowledge.
  • Stay motivated and Practise
In order to convert your thoughts into action, you should integrate your motivation and practice together. It is always considered that practice is very important before doing the main task. If you are practicing with the motivation that you would be able to achieve what you want effectively.

Practicing sometimes becomes boring and tiresome, this is the time when you need to motivate yourself with the thought that action follows the road to success. Practise keeps on polishing your skills and talents. Motivation is highly required to carry on your practice effectively because it helps you to overcome the difficult phase during your practice struggle.
  • Forget your Past and Live in the Present and not Future
Past and future are the phases in a person’s life of which he or she is worried about. Many times it happens that a person is not able to focus in the present simply because of his past failures or the worry for the future. The past was a lesson for you. If you have learned anything from the past take it as an achievement and motivation but never let past roll into your mind.

The future on the other hand completely depends on your present, the better and harder you work now the better you would achieve in the future. Work on your present based on your current situation so that you would be able to make your life a great success. The worry of future does nothing but only spoils your present. Hence, it would be wise to put your actions into work rather than thinking about something.
  • Be a Book Lover – Read Books that Motivates You
Books are considered the greatest resources that that the ability to influence you. You would initially require great motivation to actually start doing and to stop thinking and the book can be a good source to acquire motivation. There are various books on motivation written by different authors.

You can start reading them and gain motivation. You can also read Motivational Quotes and Success Stories of a famous person as a source of motivation. Motivational Books and Articles are widely available in the internet. After, you generate a habit of reading you can get books for yourself and read it regularly. It would not only motivate you but would also help you to gain knowledge.
  • Flow with the tune of the music
The study has proven that music is the greatest stress-relieving instrument. You might sometime start thinking too much due to the stress that you are not able to concentrate on your work. Listen to the songs that you like and that could influence your mood. Music with soft tone or motivational songs is considered as the best source.

Listen to music that would allow you to start doing things rather than just thinking and wasting your time.

Final Words – Be an Action Taker

Learning is important and so is thinking. Thinking helps you create new ideas and be more creative. But what is the use of being creative if you are not able to express your creativity? Performing the task whether it may be wrong or right is the best thing to be successful. Start taking the right action because it is the right time now. Stop limiting yourself in not taking the actions. Stop Thinking and Start doing for achieving the things you want.

Are You an Action Taken or Just a Thinker? Comment your views below.

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