Rejection – The Secret of Achieving What You Want

Rejection – The Secret of Achieving What You Want

What would be your reaction, if say that I won’t be allowing you to read this post?

What would the situation be if I had the power to restrict you from reading this post? What if I use the same power against you and refrain from reading this article? How would you feel and would be your reaction towards? The feeling that you would be having in this type of situation is called rejection.
Rejection – The Secret of Achieving What You Want

Rejection is very painful. No one wants to suffer the pain of rejection. But does running away from rejection lead you to achieve what you want?

I don’t think that running away from rejection and not performing the tasks due to the fear of rejection would help us to achieve what we want or would sustain motivation as before.

It is very painful to be rejected by our mentor or our teacher. So we try to seek their approval by doing what they want and in the way they want. It is painful to be rejected by your friends in a friend circle. It is painful to be rejected by your loved ones. It is painful to be rejected by the person with whom you are attracted to. It is painful to be rejected by your parents.

We can see that every type of rejection is painful. But, is it so that your rejection refrain you from performing the same activity the next time?

It is not so. We fear rejection so much that we keep running away from the tasks and activities which might give us the pain of rejection. We don’t want to feel the rejection that the entrepreneurs generally face. So we want a smooth life with no rejection. Hence we restrict ourselves to a stable job though we don’t like the work.

We settle for a relationship with someone even if he or she is not the perfect match for us because we fear to be rejected by the other persons who are near and dear to us.

We are afraid to speak out our own opinion because we are afraid that we might be rejected. We are also unable to take the decisions of our life because we are afraid of rejection and we run away from it as much as we can.
Rejection – The Secret of Achieving What You Want

We become stronger and better as we face rejection. Rejection is the secret of getting what you have wished for or what you want. We become stronger emotionally and mentally.

It is the fact that we have to face rejection one day or the other and in one way or the other. So running away from it is not the solution as we would not be able to face in the crucial time when it is required.

When I was at my high school, my English teacher used to question us regularly before he starts taking the lecture. Most of my friends usually don’t answer the questions because they fear that what they speak might be wrong and the teacher might reject their answer as it was considered that English is not very easy to be spoken professionally. At the end of the year, I received a small gift from my teacher for active participation and correctly answering some questions.

But I used to answer him regularly, most of the time I spoke out the wrong words or sentences, but in the same plane, I was also able to give the correct answer. I did not refrain from answering the questions due to the fear of rejection.

The ratio of answering the questions correctly to that of answering incorrectly was 2:8, which meant that for every 2 answers I answered correctly I answer the other 8 questions incorrectly. Yet I kept trying.

This is also applicable to us in this competitive world. How many of you are seeking a job after the completion of your studies?

Do you think that you would get placed in a company in a single try or with a single interview.

The answer is a big NO. You would have to face a lot of rejection. Would be stop applying for jobs if you are rejected by the company once?  No, right. Then why should you run from rejection now?

You might be rejected by one company, but if you face the rejection and apply for the next company you might be placed. The company might be better than the previous one. This is the case where you would be thanking for the rejection.

Always remember that rejection prepares you for the coming success. Hence, face rejection and slap rejection right on its face by achieving what you have wished for and what you want.

Final Words – Rejection is the secret of getting success

The more we ask or try for something the more we are rejected but at the same time, we also gain more. We would get nothing unless we ask for something. Hence, rejection would come to you but you must never stop yourself from performing your tasks. What we achieve in life is directly proportional to our capability and willingness to face the rejection.

So the next time you hesitate to perform your tasks or ask for something from others, think about this. Are to not willing to achieve what you want only because you are afraid of rejection? If there is any secret of being successful or the secret of achieving what you want in life is your ability and capability to face rejection.

What are your thoughts on rejection? Please let us know in the comments below.

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