How to wake up after falling – The Failures’ Story

How to wake up after falling – The Failures’ Story

There are many people who, despite tireless efforts, face failure and defeat in life. Such people think that success is not in their fate. But the person should never panic. Dale Carnegie also said that failure creates success. Frustration and failure are the two surest pillars of success. Just need to make some changes in yourself. So, today we are telling you about some such things, after which success in life can be found very easily.

A story is also written for to so that you will be motivated and keep working even after failures. Read the full story below.

Before reading the story, read the following tips. The tips would help you to know How you can become strong even after failing several times. Failures come to give you a lesson. So, learn from that and avoid making the same mistake the next time.

How to wake up after falling – The Failures’ Story

What should you do to overcome failures and become stronger?

  • Listen to your heart
              The result of every person's life is different. For someone, success means earning a lot of name and money, then one finds happiness in their work by finding happiness. So in order to achieve success, you must first stop listening to others and ask yourself what you want from your life. When you get the answer, then start to complete it. Swami Vivekananda also said that set the goal of your life and remove all other thoughts from your mind. This is the capital of success.

  • Learn decision making
            In life, the same person moves forward, who takes some drastic decisions in his life. The decisions of some people take them to new heights. At the same time, sometimes due to wrong decisions, you have to start everything from the beginning.

             But this does not mean that the person should stop taking decisions for fear of defeat. In a situation of confusion, the person does not reach any decision and some good opportunities are left out of his hands. So it is better to repent later than you trust yourself and also learn to take courage and take some complicated decisions.

  • Accept deficiencies
        It is a universal truth that no person is perfect in life. Everyone definitely has some shortcomings. But if a person not only recognizes those shortcomings but accepts them and makes up his shortcomings, then no one can stop them from being successful.

               At the same time, there are some people who keep on crying about their mistakes in the past and stop believing in themselves. Such a person never tastes of success in life. Always remember that Success is the result of hard work and smart work.

Failures' Story - How Failures helps you?

Here is a short story on failure and how it can help you to be successful and stronger.

A friend of mine is deeply disturbed by the red lights on the streets of the city. It is said that the journey of ten kilometers, which should be completed in ten minutes, he does not complete even in half an hour due to these red lights. These red lights are a big problem.

Now consider that if these red lights are not there, will we reach our destination soon?

Probably not. It would not be possible. The need for red lights only came so that we could reach our destination quickly. Every red light is a proof that we will soon overcome this obstacle and move forward because like night and day it is sure to be green after red and red light after green.

The more red lights we cross, the closer our goal will become. Like the traffic signal, there are many obstacles or obstacles in our way of life. Constraint only means that we are moving forward.

The day when all obstacles on our paths will be overcome and we will reach our destination. If these obstacles does not come to our way and we don’t struggle to remove them, what would happen to us?

Would we feel the happiness or success of reaching our destination?

No way of life is easy or uninterrupted. The road to success passes through many failures. Many small failures are hidden behind success. Sometimes, to make a big stone piece, we have to hit it with innumerable blows, and in the end there is a strike that divides the stone into two or more pieces.

But were all the strikes before the final strike futile?

No, of course not. Every strike from above seems pointless, but every strike was completely worthwhile because the success of the last strike was hidden in those strikes. Every injury continuously brought that stone closer to breaking.

In fact, every failure is an effort that we do not value and without that failure, success is not possible. As far as learning is concerned, one learns from failure rather than success.

After every failure there is an opportunity for re-evaluation. But do we ever re-evaluate ourselves?

We never re-evaluate after achieving the success. We do not find a way without problems. Problems only lead us to find solutions. Only after problems or failures, we become more reflective and we also develop patience.

Only after failures, we try to find out the cause of failure. Be aware of your shortcomings and limitations. Develop your ability to move forward anew. If we are able to progress a little without removing obstacles, without developing our ability and ability, then it cannot be called success.

Every failure in life presents the basis of opportunity for any major success. This fact is equally true not only in terms of the individual but also in the context of society, nation, and the world. It has been said that unfavorable or odd circumstances manifest talent and prosperity is omitted.

A normal person cannot accept this fact and that is why he fails, cannot succeed. The successful person is the one who tries not to get frustrated even in the event of failure, and to accept the odds and move forward, because of the key to success lies in this effort.

The main reason for failure is the lack of effort or failure. Odd or unfavorable conditions do not obstruct, but provide us with an opportunity to move forward, to raise ourselves higher.

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