How to be Powerful to Succeed in life - Shakti in Life

How to be Powerful to Succeed in life - Shakti in Life

Power is one such an integral component of a human’s skill and talent that determines his or her future. Every kind of success can be achieved by power, be it a small thing or a big one. Everyone needs the power to be successful, in one or the other form. So, in this post, I would state the things you must do to be powerful to succeed in life.

How to be Powerful to Succeed in life - Shakti in Life

First of all, always remember that Power doesn’t mean that you have the spiritual strength to do the impossible. Power means you gather your strength and skills together to fight back strongly. We all can be powerful if we use our strengths wisely.

Do you think that we should boast of strengths and the power we have gained?
No, it is also necessary that one should boast or be arrogant of power, otherwise because the same power can lead you to a destruction if they are not utilized properly.

There can be different types of power, differing from one person to another. But, in general, there are four Powers that actually makes you POWERFUL TO SUCCEED and revolves around all other types of powers of an individual guiding the person to the right path and be successful.

Different Types of Power – How to be POWERFUL TO SUCCEED

The four different types of powers are as follows: -
  • Physical strength: The POWER to get the things done

There is a saying that first happiness is the physical body, a person is nothing if his physical strength doesn’t support him or her. A person with good health can do all the tasks effectively and efficiently which would help him to get ahead of the competitors. Therefore, to accumulate power, the most important thing is to make a healthy, patient and a strong body.

If the body is weak then you will not be able to take any kind of happiness in life. A powerful body is also needed for a successful life. In today’s world, people with good physical health are preferred in every aspect be it a Partner or be it an employee.

Start working on your physical health because it is the sole POWER that a human can have to be successful. If you have the power of physical strength, you would be winning half of the race. The other powers are complementary to PHYSICAL STRENGTH.

  • Wisdom Power: Knowledge is Everything

Wisdom power refers to the intellectual capability of a person. With Physical Power, Wisdom Power is very important for a person to have to be successful. Because the power of the intellect keeps the body and money power under control.

In the absence of intelligence, a strong and rich person also becomes weak from the body. Knowledge and wisdom are very much necessary to utilize our strengths and powers effectively and efficiently.

For example- If you have a bow and arrow but no eyes or no knowledge of how to use them and release the arrow from the bow, what will you do?

  • Money power: The source of DREAM

The next important POWER that describes a human is the amount of wealth a person has. It is indeed clear from the fact that if you have no wealth you are not very successful. Having wealth doesn’t mean to be a Billionaire or be like AMBANI, but you must be capable of earning a decent amount that can fill your empty stomach and also you could invest the amount in the projects that would help you to succeed.

Monetary Wealth is also required to finance the basic supporting needs for our dream, we can’t simply dream of becoming successful unless we have something with us to invest in ourselves. We must start earning a decent amount and making a saving out of it to finance our basic life-supporting needs during our process of becoming successful.

  • Spiritual Support: Power from the Inner Body

With all the above forces, it is also very necessary to rise high in the eyes of the gods. We should not forget that someone is watching all our deeds whether good or bad. If you have fear of those observers in your mind then it will infuse power, energy, concentration, and confidence in you. Also, you will be saved from the crises in life. Because body force, money power, knowledge power, these forces do not come in front of disasters. Many people die in a road accident or end their lives fighting a serious disease in a hospital.

The success or failure of any task depends on the plan done for it. The chances of success in the work done in a pre-planned manner are quite high. Along with planning, a person's strong will power also helps him to reach the set goal.

In this regard, Acharya Chanakya has said that we should ask ourselves three questions before starting any work. These three questions will prove to be helpful in overcoming the obstacles in achieving the goal. Along with this, they will also ensure the success of the work. These three questions/secrets to be successful are-

- Why am I doing this?

- What can be the results of this work I am doing?

- Can I succeed in the work I am going to start?

Reflect deeply on these three questions. After this, if you get satisfactory and correct answers to these questions, then the work should start. If you cannot find satisfactory answers to these questions, then it is wise not to do that work. After getting satisfactory answers to all three questions, you can proceed towards your goal without wasting time. Then you will definitely be able to overcome any kind of obstacle to reach the goal. On the strength of strong will, you will achieve success every step.

How to be Powerful and Win Success

I hope that everyone knows what are the Powers we need in our lives to be successful and how to be Powerful. The different types of power has a different impact on your life and hence, the combination of all those makes you the best version of yourself who can let himself in any sort of competition.

I have also stated the Success Mantras that would be very helpful to you in order to achieve the greatest success.

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