Well done is better than well said: Action speaks Louder

Well done is better than well said: Action speaks Louder

Well done is better than well said” – This is a famous quotation given by Benjamin Franklin (One of the leading figures of early American history). The above quotation bespeaks that what we do counts more value than what we actually speak. There is no point in simply speaking without implementing it in our life.

Well done is better than well said Action speaks Louder

Another way to elucidate the above expression would be through another documented saying: “Actions speak louder than words”. Both statements are complementary to every other and that they mean an equivalent thing.

The famous English proverb says that more words speak than do, but people have forgotten its importance, everyone desires to get fruits without hard work. Many people will get such that they say it is very cold but they will not find any solution to create heat.

In order to prove some extent to someone, it might be better to point out it though an action or performance instead of just plain words.

Let's consider a scenario to explain this, let's say that you're being considered for a promotion in your workplace. In order to urge it, you'll get to convince the administrators and managers of your company that you simply are better than all their other candidates. Now, wouldn't it be more convincing to show some good work and put in efforts to benefit the company rather than just talking to the directors and managers about how good you'd be for the post?
Hence, employment is best well done than being just well said because he does what is best for the company instead of simply chanting the name of the boss with no work. 

We see so many people around us who would have done only a few things but have always marked their presence with their words. They are able to create an impact but not for a long time while some speak very less but does a bunch of work helping peoples, and that is to say that there is a big difference between their words and actions.

Actually, to change your utterance into action, it requires immense courage and strong will power, a person can unite them only on the strength of his mental courage, due to laziness and weak morale, a person is unable to change his speech into action, to do this requires constant struggle and hard effort.

Many times they are very dear to hear this saying, but usually, people do not even dare to talk when it comes to making them important in life, due to a weak mind, there is a difference between a person's words and actions. The more courageous and powerful a person is, the less will be the difference between his words and actions.

Why is Well Done better than Well Said? Why Action Speaks Louder than Words?

One has to only shake the tongue to speak his words, but to convert the same spoken words into action it takes a lot of struggle. And we all believe that the taste of the fruit grown by self tastes sweeter. Hence, we can give a simple conclusion that performs what you have thought of rather than simply speaking that and giving others the idea to implement your thought in a better way. Hence “Well done is far better than just well said” because “Action Speaks Louder than Words” and also gives you the result.

It is not wrong to say that words matter a lot, it is always very important to be a good speaker, but this point is contrary to it. The Quotation or proverb “Well Done is Better than Well Said”, means that instead of just speaking and filling the ears of the listener, it is better if you could influence him or her with your action and then explain what you’ve done with your words.

Just to speak, any person can irrespective of the fact that he can do the same or not. But at the same time, a person who stayed mum through-out shines just because he made that possible through his work and action.

There is often a hue and cry about the difference between speech and action. They say something and do something. You said it was but they are doing it.

It is also believed that people are more tempted to believe in what they see rather than what they have just heard. The same thing is being described by BENJAMIN FRANKLIN through his famous quotation.

As mentioned earlier the quotation can be described alternately as “Action Speaks Louder than Words”.

Wondering why this happens?

It is simple because actions have a greater impact and influence on human behavior.

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