Value addition in your life – Adding value to your life

Value addition in your life – Adding value to your life

We keep on hearing about adding value in our life or to someone’s life, making our life better and whatnot. But do we really realize what actual value is, what value to add, how to add, why to add, when do add and so on. Yes, it is the harsh truth that you without value addition are worthless for being expressed before the public.

Value addition in your life – Adding value to your life

How and why is value addition important?

Value addition is such a term very simple to speak out or talk about but the process, the ultimate work to be done is not that easy provided you are not much concerned about your life and the future.

Some of you might be having a question on your mind, that why people don’t like being with me, why he or she has more friends than me, why is he or she, not my friend and many more questions disturbing you.

Why do you think it is so?

Let me tell you, my dear friend, that it is the tendency of human being that they are attracted towards people who provides value to them, be it in any form.

Value addition helps you not only to make a friend circle but also helps you to secure and a good job in the corporate field. Value addition is again most important if you want to be an entrepreneur or if you are thinking of capturing the focus of the public.

Let me explain to you about this with the help of an example, If you are given an opportunity to make a choice between iPhone and Samsung mobile, what would you choose?

I suppose that many of you would be choosing an iPhone although it is very expensive because Apple has set up its Value Position in the market and most of the people think that it provides them the best experience, hence they go for it.

But do you think everyone would go for iPhone? I don’t think that this would only be the case, some people might also want to go for Samsung in place of iPhone because they think that Samsung provides them the best service.

Why do you think that people make different choices?

It is because every one of us does not have the same likes, dislikes and wants, it differs from person to person. The value for different people is different. What I find valuable might not be valuable for the other and vice versa. So, we can’t simply judge a person’s opinion or feel that he might have a want for something great. Sometimes even the tiniest thing is the most valuable for a person.

Similar is our life, if you are able to give valuable experience to your mates, then you would be surrounded by a number of people. But in contrast, if you are not able to provide value then you might end up being alone. 
What I feel is spreading smiles and happiness is the most valuable thing you can have or give. There is no such thing greater than that, though it might sound the easiest thing for peoples.

Now, don’t have a wrong attitude that if you are not wealthy, smart, handsome, beautiful, intelligent, skillful you won’t be able to provide value. As I have said earlier in the above example that value differs from person to person.

But the idea is that you must be able to identify yourself and question what value you can actually deliver.

God has given us, equal skills and talents, you might not be good at one thing but you might be the best in the other thing. Don’t cry for what you don’t have, smile for what you have and keep working on it to make it better.

There are many ways and methods to deliver value by adding effective value in your life.

Read this carefully and try working on value delivery because it is the thing that a person wants in another person.

There are several methods and ways how we can add value to our life. Always remember that being perfect does not mean that you are adding value to our life.

Adding values is a continuous and never-ending process through which you make yourself unique from the rest of the people. This is how you differentiate yourself and mark your own identity in the midst of those billions of people.

You work consistently and persistently without holding yourself back and just laying down needlessly wasting your time. When it comes to value addition, it means that you are doing even a little thing that adds some value to your life and also to people’s life such that people want to be beside you and seeking for your help. That is the day when you realize that you are a person full of resources.

 Are you adding value to someone's life at any point in your life? Have you felt that you have created an impact on someone's life?

If your answer is yes, then kudos you are already adding values to the person's life and ultimately to yourself. You have become a valuable and resourceful person that everyone wants not denying the fact that you are creating a world to yourself as a network of people.


You don’t need anything special to be valuable, if you are ready to give what you have that is far more than enough.

So, come on, let us pack ourselves and work together to add value to the life of someone who needs it.

Value addition in life is endless, The more you add the more you want to add.

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