How to overcome the fear of failure

Failure!!!! How to overcome the fear of failure

What actually do we understand about failure? How to we treat failure?
These are some burning questions in our mind which are always disturbing us to carry on with our tasks. The more we think the more we fail.
Failure is the greatest teacher of all time which teaches us the best lessons of our life, the more we fear of it, the more it follows us. Fear is the thing if once gets into our mind it is very difficult for us to overcome or remove completely from our mind. 
We indeed fail many times, but this does not mean we should stop trying, developing a terror fear in our minds. Take all the failures as a part of your journey of life to be a successful person and stay calm and focused on your goal.
How to overcome the fear of failure

How to Overcome Fear of Failure?

We have talked much about failure and the fear in the relation, now the main question is how to overcome the fear of failure, what should we do to overcome failure……

Only 3 things can help you overcome the Fear of Failure.

  • Courage - Courage to accept your failure and courage to take the complete responsibility of your failure without blaming others or without giving any reasons for failure.
  • Confidence or Self-belief - Having the self-belief that no matter how many times you fail, every time you will get up and come back strongly. Develop a never give up attitude in Life.
  • Positive Attitude - The most important thing to overcome the fear of failure is staying positive. Surrounded by negative people and negative thoughts will only bring fear of failure. Have trust in your abilities. Never underestimate your capabilities for every human on this Earth has got special talents.
Now, let us understand what actually failure is and how it has an impact in our life such that we are running away from it, afraid to face it….

Failure … Success … Winner … Loser … Victory … Defeat !!!

Do these words really exist?
According to me, No.
Many people consider these as Antonyms. But do they really are? Have we ever tried understanding that, have we really spent our valuable precious time to have a piece of knowledge about it?
Hardly one or the other of us might have done this. Then how can we expect to overcome failure?
Failures are the path for showing you the right path and guiding you to follow the right path. A life without failure is meaningless as you learn nothing out of it.
Take failure as a part of your success as it has helped you to polish yourself to be better with new and innovative ideas than the previous static ones.
Spend your precious time of yours today and ask a question to yourself, honestly!!
Bill Gates once said,
“I failed in some subjects in exam but my friend passed in all. Now he is an engineer in Microsoft and I am the owner of Microsoft”

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Remember the day when you started your journey towards achieving your goal or target. The first time, you might have failed. Does that mean the efforts you put in went in vain?
No, it is not because the second time, you might have succeeded because you understood your mistakes and have corrected it. Failure was part of your success story.
Failure has meaning only if you refuse to stand up again and try even harder and better than you did the previous time when you tried.
But “Stopping to try again” or “Refusing to get up again” after Failure is even worse & furious than the Fear of Failure.
If your heart is willing something, Failure is obvious. You are going to fail at some point of time in Life. But fear of failure will only consume your dreams.
Just imagine a Life which has got all the best things.
Success, Happiness, Joy, Victory, Caring Family & Friends, Laughter, Love, Affection, Empathy, Peace, Awesome Luck, etc, etc
But remember one thing in life, if it is good, there has to be something bad. or else how would you distinguish between the good & bad. Because all the good things in Life are meaningful only because there are bad things.

Success can make noise only & only if you have seen Failure.

You can feel Happiness only & only if you have gone through sorrows & pain.
Similarly with all other things which make life better because to gain something special you must leave something. Success is just a small moment. Failure is the complete process of that small moment.
Just imagine if these people would have feared failure. They would never achieve or succeed in their life, but never give up attitude helped them. They trusted their abilities. They remained positive throughout their Failure Journey. S,o never feel down by the fear of Failure but feel motivated about the fact that you will try even more harder this time and you will succeed for sure.
You don’t realize it.
But you have already taken the first step towards overcoming your fear!! by acknowledging that you HAVE the fear of failure.
Trust me, a lot of people don’t even know that they have it (failure).
I realized my own fear just last year itself, and I’ve completely overcome it!
Here are my thoughts on “The Fear” and how to get rid of it… forever!
Let’s get to the core of the problem:

Why do we have a fear of failure?

“You have used the eraser even before writing a single word !”
I used the phrase stated above on others as a witty remark when they were unable to start working on anything.
In my mind, it had always been there as something my dad would say every time he made us do our homework.
My younger brother was generally at the receiving end of this statement.
You start erasing before you even start writing”, he would say when he would write the first word, then erase it, then write again and erase it again, it was like he was not sure of what he wanted to write or, he knew what he should write but he couldn’t put his thoughts into the right words.
Maybe he could if he started writing his words without the fear of someone watching his each and every step, judging him from the word go, and waiting to pounce right away at the smallest of errors.
Later, as you grow up, there is no one to criticize you for your mistakes as you do the job quite well.
So before even starting a particular task, you are afraid that you’ll do something wrong and ruin it completely.
You fear of creating something imperfect. Something unacceptable, it is not your fear of failure, it is actually fear of “IMPERFECTION”
We have discussed many points till now and can identify our past mistakes and take corrective actions.
The only thing you need now is the Success Mantra from my end and that is never look back on who is laughing at you but to continue walking ahead and also keep trying.

The success mantra: Progress over perfection

People who are perfectionists tend to overanalyze stuff before even starting anything they make several possibilities in their minds- mostly of failure, remaining of wild success, and not even a single scenario of practical success. This leads to the so-called Analysis Paralysis.
To overcome your fear of failure, just take a single baby step in the direction of your goal.
If you want to get fit, get down and do a push-up, don’t start making weekly plans or watch 100s of videos on how to get the push-up right.
Just do 1 push-up daily for a week, then when you start gaining interest in it you will be habituated for the daily push-ups and once you are in the habit, then increase it, make a schedule, improve your technique, etc.
But first take the baby-step, because it is the stepping stone towards success. No babby can directly learn to walk, he fails several times, falls down and might also be hurt but he never gives up, that is the reason he becomes successful. Why not do the same thing, keep trying with new ideas unless we succeed instead of giving up on it.
Remember, actions are much more important than thoughts.
It’s good to think, but only to a certain extent. It’s recommended to think a task through (end-to-end) before acting, but don’t overthink, stay within your approach based on who you actually are.

Fail But Don't Quit

Create something imperfect, something crappy, but just do it, No giving up. People may laugh at your result but do that really care to you? A person who has not much of relation to why should we care about, the person who really cares for your success would always support you. So, give them a chance to laugh, this way remember you are improving yourself and developing yourself to be successful.
If you even start and create something, you are on a way to be a successful artist because you have started no matter how it looks as You can always improve upon it later. So next time you are stuck on that project report or presentation, just grab a pen and paper and start doodling around, you’ll figure a way out.
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