All that glitters is not Gold Meaning: Shinning thing is not Gold

All that glitters is not Gold Meaning: Shinning thing is not Gold

The phrase, “All that Glitters is not Gold” which can also be claimed as “every shining thing is not gold” is old, but it is relevant even in the present day. It suggests that we should be very cautious about everything in life because we can be deceived by beautiful faces and attractive packages that can only look good but are actually fake and deceitful.

All that glitters is not Gold Meaning Shinning thing is not Gold

Origin of the phrase: “All that Glitters is not Gold”

The Quotation "All That Glitters is not Gold" means that everything that is  bright and attractive from the external need not necessarily be good and attractive from the interior too. It states that the presence of something cannot determine its actual character, it may look and shine like gold but it may not be as precious and valuable as Gold.

There are many examples in history that justify every statement that every shining thing is not gold. This world is full of people who pretend to be saints, religious and compassionate but this is not always true, sometimes they can be angry and villains. Smiling faces can also be dangerous, on the contrary, some dull-looking faces can be a storehouse of unlimited wisdom and compassion. It is not proper to ascertain the quality of an object by looking at the exterior of an object.

All of us have a box of good and bad things all around. It is up to us whether we choose the right or the wrong, in order to follow anything, prudence is required.

Remember that everything that shines is not gold and there is thorn with rose and also mud with lotus, so we should use our intelligence and discretion to judge and select. Everybody in the world is not bad, this belief should be maintained, but never let the thought, contemplation and ideological process in your mind become sluggish.

In life we ​​meet many people and know about many things. Many people initially appear extremely warm and sociable. However, in most cases, as we know we find them they are not so good. Their real personality is hidden behind fake masks to create a relationship for their personal gain.

Similarly, we see many attractive things in the market. We feel the urge to buy them and bring them home because they seem irresistible. However, when we start using them, we often feel that it only looks good at the surface level and is not very useful or of low quality. The famous saying, all that is not shining gold means only one.

According to this saying, we should not trust anyone easily. Before we establish a deep bond with them, we must take our time to learn about a person. Likewise, we should not buy anything bigger just because it looks good. We should assess it, check its quality and utility and only then we should go for it. This is also true for jobs and business opportunities and almost everything in life. Many things look good from a distance but they are not really good for us.

Many phrases have been coined from time to time by various poets and writers, though only a few are popular even centuries after their origins. “All this is not shining gold" is one such phrase which is still very popular as it teaches us a great lesson and helps us understand the various aspects of living life.

I hope that this article was helpful to you in understanding the famous quotation “All that Glitters is not Gold”.

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