How To Stay Motivated - Motivation Tips

How To Stay Motivated - Motivation Tips:

Motivation is required by everyone because everyone faces so many ups and downs that come in life that are bound to a breakdown in some critical moments. But it depends entirely on your grit and outlook to come out of it and stride again. We have written this article to help you out and to answer your question that is how to stay motivated. 

How To Stay Motivated - Motivation Tips

"No matter how hard you are struggling, keep smiling"

How to Stay Motivated?

Well, this is the question every youngster is confused about and stressed. Well, you just need to stay motivated. Now you may have a question that is how to stay motivated? We have heard you and answered your queries.
When your morale is already high, you won't need any advice or motivational thoughts, but whenever you are low in spirit, you can follow the below tactics (as many as possible):

1. Listen to the music you like:

Music is proved to be the best motivating tool for an individual. Listening to the music you like the most can be the best thing you can do to me fresh and motivated. You can listen to any type of music as per your preferences and the mood you have. Though I would recommend you to hear some loud music rather than soft beats.  It invigorates you instantly and you feel like hitting a punching bag immediately.

2. Think about the harder times you had earlier and be confident:

The way you overcame it. If you were strong in those times, remind yourself you can do it again. If you didn't face those days the way you should have, tell yourself, you are going to deal with it in a better way. Remind yourself that if those bad days didn't last forever, neither won't the current unfavorable situations.

3. Go out for a stroll in a park or an area with a lot of trees and flowers:

Nature is defined to be the best and beautiful thing on this earth. Nature has many components that can drive your attention and also attract you towards it. It is the motivating factor that would not only please you but also motivate you with positive lights on it. The way the trees grow selflessly and give us the best flowers which would a great mood enhancer.

4. Take help and suggestion from experienced people:

Try reaching out to people in a similar situation and seeking their advice(positive people who give positive and practical advice), how they dealt with the situation. Else you can do some surfing and read about some extraordinary people who fought against all odds. In short, people who are less privileged than you.

5.Plan for a trip:

 If you are really depressed go for hiking or trekking or any adventure trip for a day to your nearest place. It will definitely boost you up and motivate you. You need a break in the middle of your life where life stops to get going. You won’t get the time back once it is gone. Hence, it becomes very important for you to stay motivated and keep struggling for success.

6. Spend some more time with your loved one(s):

Your parents and your family are the best motivators and influencers, they have always wanted betterment for you and have always helped you and cared for you. Try to spend most of your time with them as it would really help you to enhance your mood and stay motivated, being away from stress.
After your family, your friends and partners play an important role to keep you in the spirit, spend time with them and enjoy as much as you can creating memories to boost you up. Try to seek some advice from your partner. Even if he/she can't help you then too you will feel relieved after discussing your problems with him/her.

7. Watch some comedy and inspirational movies:

We have talked much about inspiration and motivation, you can watch some motivational and inspirational movies to be motivated. But what I personally suggest is to watch some comedy movies or videos as it would really enhance your mood. After watching funny videos or movies your mind is freed up with no second thoughts in your mind. In this way, you can stay motivated always.

8. Read some good books and Quotations:

Reading helps you to relieve your stress and be calm and happy. You must start reading good books and generate that habit and continue further. Reading not only helps you to be stress-free but also helps you to stay motivated. You also learn a lot of new things, which would ultimately make you happy. Some types of books that we suggest you read our Self-help, motivational, fiction or anything which you feel good to read.

9.  Face every situation in your life:

Always try to face the situation, rather than running from it, however tough it seems you need to be with the situation and face it. Face the toughest situation and find the best solution for the struggle, struggle and hurdles are very much necessary to be a part of your life, they come to test how prepared you are to face a given situation. So, face those challenges and fight it with a solution. Sometimes. when you are face to face, things are not really that difficult and unfavorable, the way they look.  Facing them actually relieves you of your tension.

How to stay motivated? – More tips to stay Motivated

We have listed the best tips to stay motivated. Here are some more tips, this might be more helpful and necessary for you.

How To Stay Motivated - Motivation Tips

"You only live once, but you do it right, once is enough"

Two more important points:
* Try to meditate each and every day. It will make a strong and powerful positive impact on your body and mind.

* Write a journal daily. Try to vent out your ideas as well as negative thoughts. You will get up rejuvenated the next morning, free to face the world, when you are free of those burdening thoughts.

As I have already said earlier staying motivated is important but it is not possible to stay motivated all the time. Because we all have bad times and it is okay to be emotional, it is okay to be sensitive. We have to respect our emotions as well. Staying motivated all the time can be dangerous also.

For example:- If you’re sitting in an exam hall, staying motivated will not help you in that particular situation. At that time you need to be calm and focused rather than motivated. Yes, of course, staying motivated before the exam will help you but not in the exam hall.
We are a generation that knows nothing but have over hyped words like motivation, career, love, ambition, success, failure, etc.

It's ok to be not motivated every single minute but you must always remember how to stay motivated and try to be motivated. What I want to tell you is for whatever you want to feel motivated about, learning to code, learning to cook, preparing for an exam, competition or anything else related to life or career; there will be one peak moment, be it night or day when you would feel you cannot ever live without achieving your dream. That's your moment.

Draft an everyday routine at that very second which would include a time slot where you must work towards what you want to be motivated about. Inculcate that thing in your daily life like the way you visit the lavatory; whether you want it or not you have to visit it every day. Just like that.

And yes, there will be days when you would feel hopeless, not motivated or may notice tears rolling down. And I must tell you, it's all perfectly fine.

Because as I said earlier, even the highest and strongest of mountains witness landslides!
There’s nothing like being always motivated. In my view, you ought to feel low (which helps in analyzing where we lag behind in becoming successful or at least feeling good. (I’ll explain this in later part of the answer)

You can re-motivate yourself when feeling low/demotivated (being demotivated is inevitable). Best way to do that is REFOCUS- as simple as that.

Remind yourself of why you began all this at first place.

Look at the progress you’ve made since you decided to change your life.

Look at people who criticized you for what you’re doing, are they happy seeing your success or how long you’ve reached chasing your dream? 

Absolutely no, they aren’t happy. Cherish this and begin the work again.
Look at people who supported you through this phase, will they be happy to see you fail? No right?

Ask yourself “This is it? Did you start to give up before finishing?”. Look for the reason for your demotivation, I bet you’d end finding loopholes in your efforts and find where you’re lagging.

Have a look at all your plans, dreams & goals.

Think of the importance of things you need motivation for. If it’s important you’ll find yourself motivated again. “never stop working for things, you can’t live a day without”.

Once you feel low, introspect. Look in yourself for an answer to the question “why am I feeling low in spite of working so hard, where am I lagging behind” as a result of this introspection you will surely get an answer to where you lag behind. Hence feeling low is good for health, if there’s no motivator for you- be one !! You already have all it takes to be successful.

You can question yourself about how you are motivated what are the factors that draw your motivation and try to get those factors inclined with your normal day to day tasks to help you stay motivated. If you have read the above paragraphs and lines, I consider you as the person who is really seeking for motivation and are eagerly looking to be successful and stay motive every time.

I hope we have answered your question "How to Stay Motivated" well. If you have read the full article We assure you that you would never feel low or demotivated, but as I have mentioned earlier it is not possible to stay motived always but the thing is to never feel low or feel that you are demotivated.

If you find this article helpful then please leave your valuable feedback in the comment section.

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